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Ten Favorite Musicians


 Musician Postcards

The Fall 2021 Swap is already underway, but there will be another in Spring 2022. You create and send 10 postcards to people around the world and you get 10 back the same way. This is my first time participating, but my sister, Abby Kramer, did it last time and enjoyed making and then getting cards in the mail.


Wo in Nenzing?

Weißt du wo? Schreib deine Vermutung, Namen und Handynummer oder E-Mail auf den Zettel und wirf es in das Schachtel in der Bibliothek Nenzing hinein!

Du kannst auch eine Email an schicken!

In drei Wochen verlosen wir das Bild an den ersten mit der richtigen Antwort.

A quiz with pictures from Nenzing - if you know the subject, write your guess with your name and contact information on the provided paper and drop it in the box at the library in Nenzing. Every three weeks, we will pull a name and the winner gets the picture.

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